Crusher Screening Plant System

Crusher Screening Plant System

Sand making system

The sand making system is mainly composed of shaping sand making machine, vibrating grading screen, grading adjusting machine and air screen. The main design points are as follows: the closer the particle size of the raw material of the sand machine is to the product, the higher the sand making efficiency is. When using, try to use raw materials with smaller particle size instead of super-standard raw materials, so that not only the sand-making efficiency will decrease, but also the equipment loss will be accelerated; the moisture of the raw materials entering the air sieve should not exceed 2%, otherwise the air will be affected. The separation efficiency of the sieve should be considered for rain-proof measures in areas with more rain.

Screening system

The main points of design of the screening system are:

  1. Reasonably choose the area of the sieve;
  2. The slipper between the upstream conveying equipment and the vibrating screen must be designed correctly to ensure that the material can be laid flat over the entire screen surface;
  3. Reasonably configure the specifications of the dust collector to ensure environmental protection requirements;
  4. The slipper between the vibrating screen and the downstream conveying equipment should be considered for wear protection and noise prevention.

Storage and shipping system

The finished product storage generally adopts a closed steel warehouse (or concrete storage) and a steel structure greenhouse. The corresponding crusher screening plant system of the storage warehouse is an automobile automatic loading machine, and the corresponding delivery system of the steel structure greenhouse is a forklift loading; their advantages and disadvantages are The investment of storage unit reserves is higher than that of steel structure greenhouses, but its dust emission is low and the automatic loading efficiency is high; the investment of steel structure greenhouses is low, but its working environment is poor and the loading efficiency is low. In areas with strict environmental protection requirements, the use of closed steel warehouses (or concrete warehouses) is preferred, which is more conducive to environmental protection acceptance.

Dust removal system

The dust removal system consists of two parts: water spray dust reduction and bag dust collector. The function of water spray is to generate less dust. The function of the bag dust collector is to collect the generated dust. In the aggregate production line, a water spray device is generally arranged in the unloading bin and the tape machine head funnel of each transfer station, and if the steel structure greenhouse is used for the finished product storage, a water spray device is also provided. The design points of the water spray device are: the nozzle position and quantity are designed reasonably, the water volume can be adjusted, and the water pressure is guaranteed. Otherwise, the dust reduction effect is not obvious and the sieve hole of the vibrating screen is easily blocked to affect the production. The design points of the bag dust collector are: the specification, quantity and closing duct of the bag dust collector should be designed reasonably. The dust collection ash should be separately set up in the storage tank and not returned to the production line to avoid secondary dust generation downstream.

In addition, minimizing the drop of each slippery slip in the design not only reduces the certain construction cost, but also is a means to reduce the generation of dust. The crusher screening plant flow of the aggregate material production line should be determined based on the specific environment, material characteristics, product shape and market demand. Designers should design the production line with low investment, low operating cost, high economic efficiency and environment-friendly design according to the characteristics of the aggregate mine and comprehensive consideration of the key points of each process.