Crushing Processes Of Ore Dressing Plant

Crushing Processes Of Ore Dressing Plant

What's the Common Crushing Processes of Ore Dressing Plant?

Common crushing processes of ore dressing plant include two section crushing circuit and three section crushing circuit. Two sections crushing circuit are divided into two open and two closed-circuit. The latter's second crushing machine and check the screening into a closed circuit, we can guarantee that the product size to meet the requirements will not affect the next grinding operation, Sec process is only suitable for small-scale mining of the underground mining method, the total crushing non-large, generally about 15 to 25, the crushing stone is not many, and often less 1000 tons/day.Two open processes are rarely used, but in certain re-election plans open with two processes, crushing products of the proceeds to send the rod mill or jig, most of the ore dressing plant using the two sections of a closed circuit.

The three sections crushing circuit there are three sections open and three sections of a closed-circuit points. Have a pre-screening before a three-segment crushing, but without pre-screening in the first paragraph or the second paragraph. The three sections open mainly because we cannot guarantee that the grain requirements of the final product, it seldom uses. The three sections of a closed-circuit screening process in the third paragraph to check into a closed circuit. This is the most common processes. In large, medium and small ore dressing plant, its total crushing ratio is larger, up to about 25 to 200, the maximum feed size of up to about 1000mm, crushing, product size can reach 12mm or smaller more.

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