Fluorite Vertical Mill Features

Fluorite Vertical Mill Features

Introduction of the characteristics of fluorite vertical mill

Guide: Different production equipments will have their own unique advantages and characteristics, and they will be recognized and accepted by customers. These different characteristics also make these equipments used in the production process of different materials. Here is a brief introduction of fluorite vertical. What are the characteristics of the mill?

The application of fluorite vertical mill has a great relationship with the use of fluorite. This machine is mainly used to process fluorite, so the application range of this material is the industry that the machine can be applied. It is used in the production of amino acids, as well as in the manufacture of cryolite, or in the production of coolants used in the aluminum industry and in refrigerators. The impact on people's production and life is obvious. The machine can be used. Production of fluorite, and to meet the production needs of different industries, mainly related to its own characteristics, in general, different equipment has more significant characteristics, so that customers can easily understand and accept it, we are here It is to introduce the problems of the characteristics of this vertical mill.

Before we understand the characteristics of the fluorite vertical mill, let us introduce its production process. Generally speaking, because the machine requires relatively small grain size, it needs to be crushed by a hammer crusher. Then, it is sent to the storage bin through the bucket elevator. After the feeder is tilted, it enters the feeding trough, and the material is evenly sent to the upper part of the turntable. Since the turntable is rotating continuously, it has a certain speed, so that the material is in Under the action of centrifugal force, the inside of the raceway entering the grinding ring is ground, and then becomes a smaller particle powder, which is then brought into the interior of the classifier by the wind force to perform the powder selection operation to help produce a finished product of better quality.

After introducing the working process of the fluorite vertical mill, let us introduce the characteristics of the machine. Generally speaking, the machine can work continuously, and it adopts an efficient pulse dust collector, which can effectively guarantee the production. The environmental protection effect, and then there are no rolling bearings and screws in the grinding chamber of the equipment, and the high-pressure centrifugal air-inducing device adopts lower production investment, short recycling period and long service life. This design can make the production run reliably and the finished product The fineness is high, and the effect of environmental protection can be ensured. The noise in production can also be well controlled, which is a device that meets the requirements of modern production.

The article mainly introduces the characteristics of fluorite vertical mill. Firstly, it introduces the production process and then analyzes its characteristics. Low investment, long life, no noise and dust pollution make these more modern. The demand for market production is very helpful for its application and development.