Hammer Of Impact Crusher

Hammer Of Impact Crusher

How to design the hammer of the impact crusher? When the hammer of the impact crusher is working, the wear is more serious because it is the main component of the processed material, and the wear will make the production efficiency decrease or even stop. In order to assist the production better, it is necessary to The structure and material selection of this part are innovated. Here is an analysis of how to design to make it better to assist the crushing process.

Through the understanding of the working process of the impact crusher, it can be found that the hammer head also has direct contact with the material when it is broken, so the wear is more serious. In order to prevent the impact of wear on the production, it is necessary to improve it and reduce it. The wear rate in production, in fact, in the process of continuous development of mining equipment, only continuous improvement according to the customer's production needs, in order to obtain better development, otherwise, it is easy to be eliminated, but for the hammerhead Improvement is actually a redesign of its structure. Here is the process of introducing this design.

We know that the internal parts of the impact crusher are made of materials with good wear resistance. Nowadays, high manganese steel is generally used, but for hammers, 60-90d is generally used. Under certain conditions, this material still can not meet the production requirements, so it is necessary to use a higher strength material, so that in the production, the same wear strength, but because the wear resistance of the parts is higher, the degree of wear Will reduce, this is an effective solution to extend the life of the machine.

However, merely improving the wear resistance is not able to prolong the wear resistance of the hammer head in the larger Chengdu. It needs to be designed as the hammer handle and the hammer end respectively, which can overcome the shortcomings of the material at work, and also said In the design process of the hammer head inside the impact crusher, a composite hammer head can be used. This design can better realize the crushing stage in the production process and reduce the wear degree of the parts to better serve them. In the production process, in general, the hammer has a higher service life, but it has a disadvantage, the casting and heat treatment process is more complicated. In response to this situation, many manufacturers have carried out research and development, and there have been many low The alloy steel hammer head has the advantages of low production cost, simple process and the like, and has better wear resistance and can complete the production requirements.

The article mainly introduces the question of how to design the hammer of the impact crusher. The article first analyzes the important role of the hammerhead, as well as the reasons for its improvement, as well as the improved method. After many experiments, it is found that a variety of low The alloy steel hammer head can better meet the production requirements, and its advantages of low production cost and simple process can better reduce the input cost of the machine.