Impact Crusher Boot Sequenc

Impact Crusher Boot Sequenc

Impact Crusher Correct Boot Sequence

The boot sequence of the impact crusher device has a great impact on the good operation of the device. To help the device work better, this article describes the boot sequence of the device and what should be done before booting.

The impact crusher equipment is an indispensable equipment in the fine crushing production project. The installation and maintenance of this equipment is a problem that people attach great importance to, because it has a great relationship with the normal operation of the equipment, and the normal operation of the same equipment is also Based on the correct boot sequence of the device, this article mainly introduces the following boot sequence of the impact crusher:

The impact crusher is capable of processing small stones. The equipment uses a high pressure setting spring grinding device to increase the grinding force of the equipment in production, which has a great improvement in the production efficiency of the equipment. Help, equipment in the production line will generally be equipped with hoist, feeder and other equipment, these equipment together to complete the fine production process, the equipment has a lot of precautions before starting.

Generally, first check whether the inspection door is closed tightly, and adjust the steering of the fan and the main shaft. In addition, the exhaust valve of the equipment should be in the fully open position before the mill can be started. The material needs to be added immediately after the main engine starts. Then open the large air volume valve, under the premise of ensuring that the feed port does not spray outward, the small exhaust valve should be closed as much as possible to ensure the fineness of the finished product.

During the operation of the impact crusher equipment, care should be taken not to refuel properly. Once the equipment is in operation, any abnormal phenomena such as abnormal vibration of the equipment should be stopped in time for maintenance. If the equipment needs to be turned on after maintenance, it must be The material inside the mill is taken out before the production can be carried out again. In addition, the hoist transports the material to the silo, stopping the crusher and then stopping the lifting. This should be changed by the amount of stock.

In general, the starting sequence in the production process of the impact crusher is the hoist, crusher, analysis machine, fan, main machine, and feeder; the shutdown sequence is the feeder, the main machine, the blower, and the analysis machine. This article is mainly to introduce the matters needing attention in the production process of the impact crusher, mainly the order of the power-on sequence of the equipment and what should be done before the equipment is turned on. The correct power-on sequence ensures the equipment in the production process. It is not damaged and the equipment is working well.