Impact Crusher Cavity Type Change

Impact Crusher Cavity Type Change

Reasons for the change of cavity type of impact crusher

In the production process of the impact crusher, the cavity type has an important influence on the efficiency and the quality of the finished product. Therefore, by changing the cavity type, the efficiency can be improved and a better finished product can be obtained.

We know that the work of the impact crusher is more important is the quality of the finished product and the efficiency of the equipment. The two factors are related to the crushing cavity. If the cavity type is large, the processing materials will be more in the same time. It is a beneficial and efficient way to increase production efficiency. This is the main reason why we need to modify the cavity type of the machine.

Experts analyzed that in the finished product after the production of the impact crusher, if the particle size is too coarse and the content of the needle-shaped stone material is large, the main reason is that the residence time of the ore in the crushing chamber is short, and the amount of material contained in the cavity is small. Less, the mutual extrusion and collision times between the materials are small, causing some long strips and flaky materials to slide off the crushing chamber without being broken, resulting in excessive grain size, which is also an important factor for improving the cavity shape.

In order to make the finished product quality and meet our production needs, it is necessary to increase the filling rate of the material in the crushing chamber and increase the compression ratio of the material. Therefore, a larger offset and an appropriate discharge opening should be selected to ensure the basis of the production capacity. The crushing granularity is not affected. This is the principle of improvement of the impact crusher. The cavity shape is changed to the stepped cavity without changing the other structures of the equipment and the parameters and the transmission system. This improvement can make the impact crusher The finished product is excellent and is beneficial to the improvement of efficiency.

The upper part of the cavity of this shape is stepped, and the lower parallel section is appropriately lengthened. This design not only prevents the material from entering the parallel zone, but also increases the filling rate and compression ratio, and also causes the material to be squeezed multiple times. Thereby changing the grain shape of the finished product after the impact crusher is processed. Through the above introduction, we can find that the change of the impact crusher cavity type is mainly to improve the efficiency of the equipment and change the grain shape of the finished product. The article gives the specific improvement method and the principle in the improved production. How to achieve the desired effect, the introduction is more detailed.