Impact Crusher Principle

Impact Crusher Principle

In the process of the impact crusher, the difference in material crushing mechanism will lead to different crushing effects. Here is to analyze the problems of the crushing principle.

The impact crusher consists of many different types and has a very wide range of applications. When working, the principle of material crushing is different, which also makes the production effect very different, and in the process of working, Each has its own advantages, so this is also an important reason for the wide use of the machine. Here is a detailed analysis of these different crushing mechanisms.

In the application of impact crushers in different industries, it can be found through analysis that the crushing principle can be mainly divided into three types: free impact crushing, impact crusher crushing and milling crushing. These three different crushing modes give The efficiency and wear and tear caused by production are different, so some are widely used, and some are rarely used. Let's analyze it below to help you better understand:

1. Free impact crushing

This crushing mechanism mainly refers to the impact of the high-speed hammer after the material enters the crushing chamber of the impact crusher. Due to the force, the material will also have an impact between the materials, and the material and the hammer, There is also a friction between the material and the material. These forces cause the material to break in the crushing cavity of the machine and the machine is broken along the fragile surface in a free state. This production method generates dust because of the block mass. Dust is generated by impact in space.

2, the impact crusher broken

The crushing method is that the material is inside the impact crusher, and is subjected to the impact of the hammer on the rotor rotating at a high speed, and a high moving speed is obtained, and then hits the counterattack plate to further break the material. In addition, these materials are rebounded by the counterattack plate, and enter the crushing zone again, and are fully broken. Among them, the material flow rebounded from the counterattack plate is determined by the counterattack curve.

3, milling and breaking

This type of crushing means that the material enters the broken section of the plate hammer, and the large piece of material is milled and crushed one by one by the high-speed rotating plate hammer and throws out another material which has not been broken by the above two kinds of crushing effects and is larger than the size of the discharge port. The material is also crushed by a high-speed rotating plate hammer.

The article mainly introduces three kinds of crushing methods for material in the production of impact crusher. The above three methods are introduced in great detail. These three methods are dominated by free impact crushing, in the actual production process. Different crushing methods will produce different effects, and we can choose according to the needs of production.