Impact Crusher Storage

Impact Crusher Storage

How to store the impact crusher better

When the impact crusher is not in use, it needs to be stored. When it is stored, it is necessary to prevent damage and rusting of the equipment. Here is how to store it to ensure the integrity of the machine.

The impact crusher can process materials with a size between 250-500mm. The production capacity in the production line is between 50-220T/h. The main application areas are metallurgy, mining, cement, highway and other industrial sectors. The advantages of simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, good finished grain shape, energy saving and pressure resistance can bring better advantages for material processing.

The pf series of impact crushers are not always in production. They can be replaced in different production processes. When not in use, they can be stored, but the storage of the equipment is exquisite, not arbitrary. Because the equipment is a large production machine and expensive, it should be stored with care.

If it is not used for a long time, it is better to choose a dry room for storage, and then pay attention to prevent direct sunlight and the influence of humid air on it. It is better to do protective work in advance, such as applying waterproof paint, etc. If you don't have it, you should choose a relatively flat floor to store it, and then lay it on the board. At this time, the protection beforehand is even more important.

Before storing, it is necessary to properly handle the engine of the impact crusher, remove the cooling water, replace it with new oil, and then check if there is any damage, etc., and timely treatment, for the replacement of oil It is necessary to pay attention to its better neutrality to prevent corrosion of metal parts. In order to prevent the rust of the fuel tank, it is necessary to fill up the oil and then add preservatives, so as to ensure the integrity of the equipment.

During the storage period, the impact crusher can start the engine one month better, which can create a new lubricating oil film for each part inside the equipment, and prevent the possibility of rust. In addition, pay attention to the impact crusher. Before storage, disassemble the battery and place it in a dry and antifreeze, then isolate the electrical conductor. The specific operation of the PF series impact crusher during storage is given above. These are mainly the protection of the parts, preventing the rust and aging of the machine, etc., which can ensure the later use is more convenient, and can also reduce the maintenance caused by improper storage. The increase in cost.