Large Vertical Mill Material Grinding Temperature

Large Vertical Mill Material Grinding Temperature

Guide: The large vertical mill is a mill equipment developed by our company that integrates grinding, grading, conveying and drying. The grinding temperature of the vertical mill is a measure of whether the drying performance is normal or not, and also relates to the grinding efficiency of the mill, which must be reasonably controlled.

Reasonable control of the grinding temperature of large vertical mill materials

Our large vertical mill is a multi-effect and comprehensive advanced milling equipment designed and developed by our company based on years of experience in grinding machine production and advanced grinding technology at home and abroad. Because the machine is multi-effect, the single machine can complete the grinding, grading, conveying and drying of the whole milling production system, which is simply the gospel of the users of the milling machine.

How does our large vertical mill achieve the four-in-one combination of grinding, grading, conveying and drying?

  1. 1. First, the grinding operation is completed by the main machine of the mill, and the material is crushed by the grinding roller on the grinding disc;
  2. 2, followed by grading, the pulverized material is blown to the classifier under the driving of the fan airflow, and the classifier stratifies the powder material by the action of the blade;
  3. 3. As for the conveying operation, it is realized by the high-pressure fan. The whole production system of our company's vertical mill is carried out under the sealed negative pressure. The high-pressure fan sends the airflow to the grinding chamber to drive the ground material into the classifier. Grading, and then continue to collect the qualified powder into the dust collector and dust collector, and the airflow after passing through the dust collector re-enters the fan, the whole system forms a circulating airflow, which is highly efficient and environmentally friendly;
  4. 4. After the drying operation, the large vertical mill of our company in Shanghai, the drying operation of the machine is realized by hot air. When dealing with materials with high humidity, it is necessary to first dry the materials before grinding. The drying function of our company's vertical mill is realized by feeding hot air when the materials enter the grinding chamber, and the materials are ground. In the process of grading, drying is carried out during the grading and conveying process.

The drying operation of the vertical mill is very important. The user of the mill must reasonably control the air temperature of the mill to check whether the drying operation is normal or not. Generally, when the product moisture is required to be less than 0.5%, the grinding temperature needs to be controlled within the range of 90 буC. If the temperature is too high, the dust removal effect will be affected, and if the temperature is too low, the grinding efficiency will be lowered, and the vertical grinding should be properly controlled. Grinding temperature. If you don't understand, you can consult our company's online customer service for free.