Problems Encountered In The Use Of Impact Crusher

Problems Encountered In The Use Of Impact Crusher

Guidance: When the impact crusher is working, due to the bad environment, operational errors, etc., the wear of the internal parts of the equipment is unavoidable. Here we mainly introduce the tooth plate looseness and discharge material in two aspects. problem.

The structure and quality of the equipment

This factor is the basic influencing factor for the life of the impact crusher, and it is also a relatively important factor. This is the time when the manufacturer is designing, it is determined well. This factor is for its mechanical properties after heat treatment and internal metallurgical organization. It has a great influence on the analysis of the service life of different materials and equipments in production. It is known that the main cause of the failure is internal or surface defects of different degrees. Due to the existence of defects, the impact crusher is When the material is broken, there will be a phenomenon of fracture or early wear and tear. Therefore, choosing a good quality equipment is an important way to ensure its service life.

Internal clearance adjustment

According to regulations, the gap between different parts inside the impact crusher needs to be kept within a reasonable range, and this range will be clearly specified in the equipment specification, but if it is installed or is due to production The change of the gap caused by the wear will cause the equipment to not perform well in production. It will not only be able to smoothly complete the production process of the material, but will also cause the friction between the internal parts of the equipment to increase, causing serious wear and tear. The use of life is reduced.

The article mainly introduces the issues related to the length of the impact crusher and what is related to it. We mainly introduce three aspects: the quality and structure of the equipment, the blockiness and hardness of the material, and the adjustment of the internal clearance. These are just a few reasons. On the one hand, the working pressure in the sea area production, the specific measures for maintenance and the external environment are related. Therefore, in actual production, in addition to operating in accordance with the requirements of the equipment, we must also ensure that the impact crusher Maintenance to ensure its service life.