Reasons For The Decline In Vertical Mill Output

Reasons For The Decline In Vertical Mill Output

Guide: In the process of vertical mill, the problem of output is always an aspect that customers pay attention to, but in many cases, there will be a sudden drop in equipment output. What is the cause of this phenomenon?

When the vertical mill grinds the material, the phenomenon of output decline will cause the production line to decline. Therefore, it is necessary to find the cause of the decline in time, and then solve it in a targeted manner. Here is to introduce this phenomenon. What are the reasons?

The main reason for the decline in vertical mill output

The main reason for the decline in the output of the vertical mill is the wear and tear of the parts of the equipment, such as the wear of the grinding rolls and the grinding rings, the wear of the blades, etc., which will lead to a decrease in work efficiency, because the wear of these parts will cause the work process to not proceed smoothly. For example, after the blade is worn, the material cannot be shoveled and placed in the middle of the grinding roller, so that the grinding cannot be performed, so the finished product discharged from the discharge opening will be reduced, so the productivity will decrease. The treatment of this phenomenon is for wear. Parts are replaced, and then used during the regular lubrication and maintenance, and the problems are dealt with in a timely manner, which can extend the service life of the parts, ensure the normal working state of the vertical mill, and smoothly complete the production process of the materials.

If the equipment's dust collector is not tightly sealed for a long time or the analyzer is worn out, it will lead to a decline in work efficiency. Therefore, when there is a drop in production, check these two aspects, seal the powder collector or wear it. The analyzer is repaired, replaced, etc., to restore the smooth working process of the vertical mill.

In production, if the air volume is insufficient, the whole airflow will heat up, then the power supply will not keep up, and the equipment will run insufficiently. These phenomena will also cause the efficiency to drop. Therefore, in production, it is also important to check these aspects. The air volume should be guaranteed to be reasonably sized, and the reasonable size of the equipment should be ensured, so that the equipment can smoothly complete the production of materials.

The nature of the material is also an important aspect affecting the efficiency of the vertical mill. In the production, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the material should not be too hard and the moisture should not be too large. These aspects are important conditions for ensuring the efficiency of the equipment.

The article mainly introduces the reasons for the decline of vertical mill output, mainly in four aspects. The above analysis is more detailed. In actual production, for the phenomenon of output decline, timely shutdown inspection is needed to find the cause and deal with it. To ensure the smooth production process of the equipment, and then in the production, the maintenance and repair operations of the parts can not be reduced, which is an important aspect to ensure the efficiency of the equipment.