Sand Washing Machine For River Sand

Sand Washing Machine For River Sand

overview: Sand washing machine is generally used sand field, mixing stations and other smaller particles of sand washing, extension and dehydration. Sand washing machine has which characteristics? What is the development situation of Zhejiang? Here to introduce Zhejiang, sand washing machine market.

Stone is sent to the jaw of rough crusher by vibrating feeder evenly, crushed materials are sent into the sand making machine for further broken by belt conveyor, after fine crushing material is transported to the vibrating screen screening, the finished product size requirements of the material is fed into the sand washing machine for cleaning, after cleaning by the finished product conveyor belt the output is finished. If the materials from sieve return sand making machine processing does not reach the requirements, the formation of many closed loop. The particle size of finished products can be combined and classified according to the user's requirements in China.

Classification of sand washing machine

From the users view, sand washing machine is divided into two kinds, one kind is sand washing system, this is the sand washing machine of the general; the other is supporting the use of sand making machine. Sand washing machine general is said to wash the sand system not only can be used in sand making machine, but also widely used in the field of river sand, sand, weathered sand containing clay, stone and other impurities in the cleaning work, it is widely used in projects and various mixing station in sand station.

Features of sand washing

Sand washing machine is used for sand and gravel sand washing and it has features than the traditional. The first is the fine sand and cement loss rarely, washed building sand gradation and the fineness modulus reached national standard size. The second is the wheel sand washing machine except the sieve almost no damageable parts. Finally, long service life, long-term need repair. Granular gravel Zhejiang sand washing machine is often used in construction sites, sand factory, glass factory, hydropower station and other units smaller washing, grading and dehydration.

In the Zhejiang market, the development of sand washing machine is very good, mainly because Zhejiang is rich in mineral resources, , a lot of sand and gravel are used sand washing equipment. Therefore´╝îif there are customers can contact our company, the company provides equipment planning graph and professional engineer.