Ultrafine Mill Main Engine

Ultrafine Mill Main Engine

ultrafine mill machine speed is too fast

Nowadays, the grinding equipment technology is constantly developing. Milling machines for processing 1000 mesh material fineness are very common. There are also many models in the ultrafine mill market. As a professional grinding machine manufacturer, we also have many years of experience in the research and development of grinding machines. For the grinding equipment that requires processing 1000 mesh materials, our company recommends using super in the case of low production requirements. Fine grinding machine. Although the ultrafine mill has a high fineness of discharge, there are some problems in the process of use. For example, some customers have reported that their ultrafine mill has a fast rotating speed and will it have any effect?

Some powder users still don't know much about the main engine speed of the mill. We will put a manual in the goods before the equipment is shipped to make it easy for the operator to operate. It will find the main engine speed in the technical parameter table. It is a very important parameter, and his data law is different from the others. As the mill model increases, the host speed tends to decrease. For most transmission equipment, the larger the model, the faster the speed. Or our after-sales team will answer your questions about the impact of the host's speed.

The rotation speed of the main machine of the ultrafine mill directly affects the grinding effect of the grinding production line. The larger the model, the lower the rotation speed is also the ingenuity of the milling designer. The larger the model of the grinding machine, the greater the output. The amount of grinding between the grinding rolls is limited, and the material needs to stay in the grinding ring for as long as possible. Therefore, if the main engine speed of the mill is too high, many powders may not fall directly to the grinding, resulting in a result that the fineness of the discharge is not up to standard. By the way, the speed of the main engine of different models has clear regulations and requirements to achieve good grinding results, and there is a deceleration device between the ultrafine mill and the motor to coordinate the work. The speed is the mill to achieve milling. The key is also the core driving force of the entire milling process.

Therefore, when the ultrafine mill machine whose output fineness is 1000 mesh is found to be too fast, it should be shut down immediately for repair and repair, and the problem can be solved in time. It can also be explained on the equipment through customer service to ensure production efficiency and production effect.