Vertical Mill Have Sequential Grinding

Vertical Mill Have Sequential Grinding

How does the vertical mill have a sequential grinding?

Guide: The vertical mill is a grinding machine that combines crushing, drying, grinding and grading and conveying. However, its perfect operation is guaranteed by a reasonable grinding sequence. Then, the grinding sequence of the grinding machine is what?

The position of the vertical mill in the grinding industry is very important. It is equipped with an automatic control system that enables remote control and easy operation. These features strengthen its position in the milling industry. In operation, it is indeed a worry-free machine and equipment. It is convenient and quick to replace the roller sleeve and the lining plate, which reduces the loss of shutdown. In the working process, due to the precision of manufacture, the vibration is small and the noise is low. In addition, the grinding machine is a sealed structure as a whole, and its system works under negative pressure, and there is no dust spillage, which ensures the clean environment.

However, regardless of the performance of the machine, its correct operation is to be guaranteed, its grinding process needs to be guaranteed, in the grinding process, in a certain order to operate, in order to make its performance better . During operation, the top dust collection group, raw material conveying group, and kiln dust collection dust conveying group should be started in sequence, and before starting, the operator should confirm the position of the materializing valve to ensure that the raw materials enter the corresponding requirements. The raw material bank, after starting, should pay attention to monitor the current value of the bucket, the current can verify whether the working state is normal.

Because the vertical mill is lubricated with thin oil, before starting, check the oil temperature of each thin oil station, and heat the oil station, the main deceleration oil station, the grinding roller lubrication station, the motor oil station and other petrol stations. Open, when the temperature reaches the specified requirements, then start the raw material grinding auxiliary equipment group, this process is strictly controlled. After the preparation work is completed, the powder selection unit is started again, and the speed of the powder selection machine is set within a suitable range. When confirming that the vertical mill has the drying condition, open the grinding outlet baffle in an appropriate amount and heat up the hot air oven according to the specified point. When the vertical mill is first baked, special care should be taken. At this time, it is recommended to strictly follow the heating curve drying. It is recommended that the hourly grinding temperature rise does not exceed 60 буC.

According to the material level of the material warehouse of the batching station, start and stop the raw material conveying group to ensure the supply of raw materials; when the grinding outlet temperature reaches 80 буC, start the slag recycling group; when the main motor condition is satisfied, start the grinding main motor group and start After that, keep an eye on the changes in the power of the main motor. This is followed by the start of the feed set and the grinding rolls. A reasonable grinding sequence is not only conducive to the normal production of the vertical mill, but also conducive to the increase in output, treat your mill well!