Vertical Mill Maintenance Instructions

Vertical Mill Maintenance Instructions

Guide: Even if the user is using a vertical mill, it is operated and maintained by some professional people, but as a production boss, you must know the maintenance knowledge of some vertical mills, so that in the event of a failure, the heart is even more Be sure to guarantee production.

As a simple vertical mill with convenient operation and high degree of automation, it is suitable for large-scale and ultra-large-scale industrial production, as well as for small and medium-scale production, with high grinding efficiency and large energy saving. Compared with the ball mill system, the vertical mill can save 30~50% of electricity. Compared with the traditional vertical mill, it has a large external circulation ratio, which can reduce the system power consumption by about 20%. It is a good performance equipment.

However, in the process of using the vertical mill, the maintenance and maintenance of the mill equipment must be implemented. Because the raw material of the vertical mill equipment is metal materials such as steel, there will be rust and other phenomena during use. This life-saving phenomenon will affect extreme normal operation and delay production, which is an important reason for maintenance.

Regular inspection

In addition, the vertical mill will wear to a certain extent during use, which is extremely harmful to the equipment, but it is inevitable, so the staff should carry out regular inspections to find out the problem immediately. To a certain extent, it will extend the service life of the vertical mill equipment.

In daily inspections, it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the relevant components. It is necessary to equip the relevant temperature measurement and vibration measuring tools to ensure that the inspection workers can carefully check each equipment at regular, fixed-point and fixed contents, and strengthen the supervision and punishment of standardized inspection and inspection of the inspection workers.

Vertical Mill Shutdown Check

When the vertical mill is shut down, pay attention to it. The inspection contents of the shutdown include the following parts: welding ring of the material ring, wind wing and air deflector; attention to the oil level of the grinding roller and the wear data of the grinding roller; the wear condition of the roller rod, the lifting ring and the pin; Welding repair of blades and labyrinth seals, inspection and measurement of bearings; repair welding of support bars and blades of circulating fans; repair welding of sealed fan ducts, inspection of soft connections; measurement of axial turbulence of main deceleration high-speed shafts, inspection of bevel teeth Development status; in addition to temporary shutdown, each time after three scheduled shutdowns, the internal and external roller paths of the grinding disc should be repaired online, and planned to stop for 24 hours, each time the welding amount is 200-400kg; the hopper and plate chain of the circulating bucket Inspection of pins, high-speed teeth, and regular cleaning of the tail material. When doing this, the maintenance work of the vertical mill is guaranteed to pass.