Vertical Mill Maintenance

Vertical Mill Maintenance

The maintenance of the vertical mill can not be ignored

Guide: In the long-term work of the vertical mill, due to the effect of the grinding principle, the internal wear is quite serious, so it needs proper maintenance and good working performance. Therefore, the maintenance of the grinding equipment cannot be Neglect.

The performance of the vertical mill is recognized by the user, so its application range is wider and wider. Nowadays, vertical mill equipment can be used in mining, road, chemical and other industries, so its use effect is more and more important. However, many users do not care about the maintenance of the product during its use, which threatens its service life. The service life of the milling machine is closely related to its maintenance work. In the work, its maintenance work can not be ignored.

The coal grinding process is a process in which the material is broken and its surface area is continuously increased. To add a new surface area, it is necessary to overcome the bonding force between solid molecules and thus consume energy. Grinding is carried out by crushing, crushing and grinding. The energy consumed by the crushing process is saved. Various coal mills have both or three of the above methods in the milling process.

Due to the above-mentioned loss mode, the performance of the mill has a great influence. Then, in the work, how can we better maintain and maintain the mill? Below, we Henan company machine to introduce you to the maintenance and repair of the mill. For vertical mills, maintenance is a work that must be done every day, so that there will be no major problems in the future. Moreover, maintenance work should be carried out frequently. Check the amount of lubricant in the bearing chambers before and after the main engine, and refill the bearings on time. The lithium-based lubricating oil is injected into the axial end cap nozzle. After each stop, check the bolts of the mechanical parts for looseness and looseness.

During maintenance, check the work and check the lubrication condition of the bearing chambers of the front and rear of the main engine. For example, grease and dirt should be cleaned. Check whether the lining plates and the body fixing bolts of the crushing parts are loose, the looseness is strong, and the lining is seriously worn. To replace the new one. To update the grease, see its bearing wear condition, see if it needs to be replaced; check its external bolts and firm; open the main machine, check the wear of the hammer, if it is necessary to update the new parts. Check the connecting bolts of the blades for looseness, whether the leaves are worn seriously, and if they are loose, they should be sturdy or replaced.