Vertical Mill Oil Stain Cleaning

Vertical Mill Oil Stain Cleaning

Vertical Mill Oil Stain Cleaning Work

Guide: When the vertical mill is working, the cleaning of its grease is a key point in our daily maintenance work. Different cleaning methods are needed for different parts. Here is a question about how to carry out the cleaning work.

The maintenance work in the vertical mill production is an important operation to ensure the smooth operation of the production. In the maintenance, our common operation is to repair and lubricate the internal parts of the equipment. In fact, the oil stains of the equipment need to be cleaned. This is also an important aspect of maintenance. What we are going to analyze here is how to carry out the cleaning work.

Vertical mill internal cleaning

For different parts inside the vertical mill, different decontamination methods are required, so different cleaning agents or cleaning solutions are required, and different cleaning agents should be used for different oils on the same part. For different metal parts. The method to be cleaned is different. In the actual decontamination process, the cleaning method and the cleaning agent should be selected according to the type of the part and the type of oil. In order to better help the customer to make the selection, we generally divide the cleaning method. For two types: spray and scrub, here are two different ways to introduce:

1. Spraying, this method mainly sprays the cleaning liquid onto the surface of the part to remove oil stains. The advantage is that the effect is good and the efficiency is high, but the equipment is required to be simple and has no dead angle. For the vertical mill equipment with complicated structure, This method cannot be used to achieve the decontamination effect;

2, scrubbing, this method refers to putting the parts into a container filled with cleaning agent, brushing or wiping to remove the oil stain on the surface of the part. This method is a commonly used method in the repair of mechanical equipment, and its advantage is that the operation is simple. However, this method is generally suitable for a small number of small parts for simple cleaning, not suitable for special cleaning agents or cleaning solutions;

The article mainly introduces how to carry out the cleaning work of vertical mill oil stains. The above is a detailed introduction to this problem. Cleaning is one of the contents of maintenance work, and it also has a serious impact on the work of equipment. When cleaning, generally depending on the oil or the different parts, you need to choose different cleaning methods and cleaning agents or cleaning solutions. There are two main methods commonly used on the market: spray washing and scrubbing, and then the article for these two The specific implementation of the method and its advantages and disadvantages are described in detail, and it is hoped that it will be helpful for everyone's use.