Vertical Mill Production Line Design

Vertical Mill Production Line Design

Vertical mill production line design and equipment model configuration

Guide: The slag is a kind of solid waste resource produced in the production of the concentrator. Now it is widely popular in the market. What are the reasons? The market value of slag is only after the vertical mill has become a slag powder, so the prospect of the slag vertical mill production line is limitless.

The slag powder requires a slag grinding system to achieve. At present, the main slag micro-grinding system has a ball mill system, a roller mill system, a Raymond mill system and a rising vertical mill system. Among them, the vertical mill system can be said to be the latecomer, and it is a slag grinding system that has developed rapidly in recent years. The slag vertical mill grinding system is realized by a complete vertical mill production line. Generally, it includes feeders, silos, vertical mills, fans, motors, dust collectors, etc. The entire production line has a simple structure, high grinding efficiency and low energy consumption, especially suitable for large moisture content and difficult to grind. High slag is the choice of today's slag grinding.

Our company is specialized in the production and manufacture of vertical mills and has a senior level of guidance in the production line of slag vertical mills. Our company has prepared a production line of one million tons of slag vertical mill, which has attracted the attention of new and old customers. The design and installation of this production line and the model configuration of the small series are leaked. Regarding the equipment type configuration of the one-million-ton slag vertical mill production line: the main machine is selected as the LM240K series vertical mill, the diameter of the grinding disc is 5800mm, the diameter of the grinding roller is 2500mm, and the number of grinding rollers is four. The theoretical output is 200 tons per hour and the main motor installed power is 4000 kW.

Then, regarding the design and installation of the production line, our company conducted a site inspection of the customer's production site, etc., based on the principle of saving land for customers, saving infrastructure and installation costs, and using the standardized installation mode for the customer to make a reasonable Design and installation. It not only improves the efficiency of design and installation, shortens the installation period, but also saves the customer a large amount of funds, and guarantees the recovery of costs and benefits in a short time. Our company not only has outstanding advantages in product equipment and production line, but also is well received by customers, and has always been praised by new and old customers for its services. We believe that our company's services will bring you a different user experience.