Wollastonite Grinding Equipment

Wollastonite Grinding Equipment

800 mesh wollastonite grinding equipment

As a commonly used ore material, wollastonite has a high application value in industrial production. The 800-gao wollastonite powder is preferably a grinding equipment. As a non-metallic mineral deep processing equipment, the wollastonite ultrafine mill production line is We are concentrating on the production of a mainstream equipment, which is widely used in the deep processing of wollastonite. The fineness can be adjusted between 325-2500 mesh. As the preferred equipment for processing 800 mesh wollastonite powder, you know that wollastonite is ultrafine. What is the configuration plan for the mill production line?

Because wollastonite powder has needle-like, fibrous crystal morphology, high whiteness and unique physicochemical properties, it is promising in the fields of plastics, chemicals, welding electrodes, papermaking, metallurgical protective slag, etc., with the application of wollastonite. The continuous expansion of the wollastonite grinding equipment has become a lot of manufacturers. We adhere to a customer-centric, market-oriented core system. The carefully manufactured wollastonite ultrafine mill not only has high grinding efficiency, high powder extraction speed, but also is equipped with a forced turbine grading system with high classification accuracy.

The finished pellets are uniform in shape and fine, and the material can be easily processed between 300-3000, and can be adjusted between 300-3000 mesh according to the demand of the material. The unique pulse dust collecting system is to treat dust and green. The secret weapon of the new environmental protection equipment has a dust collection efficiency of over 99.9%, which effectively guarantees the dust-free operation of the workshop. In addition, the grinding wheel and the grinding ring are made of special wear-resistant steel, which greatly improves the production. The durability of the equipment and the service life of the machine are ideal for grinding 800 mesh wollastonite powder.

Processing 800 mesh wollastonite powder, we sell the whole production line of the milling equipment, the complete production process. The quality of its milling equipment has been improved to a greater extent. It can greatly improve the overall operation efficiency and create better conditions for enterprises to enhance their market competitiveness. As a leader in the production of powder equipment, we always strive to create excellent product quality and service, if you have wollastonite processing. Project, welcome to get in touch with us for the first time, we will work together with you to prove our sincerity with products, let you use your peace of mind, and improve your efficient return, if you want to know the specific parameters of the milling equipment, Please leave a message or contact online customer service.