Artificial Sand For Construction

Artificial Sand For Construction

With the dwindling of natural sand and the protection policies of the government, the price of natural sand is getting higher and higher, so the investment cost of natural sand also increases.

In this case, more and more investors turn their eyes on artificial sand making. Especially in recent years, the artificial sand making industry shows remarkable growth because of the rapid development of construction industry.

It is well known that India has rich mineral resources. Among these sand resources, some are suitable for robo sand making, such as limestone, black stone, river pebble and so on. Here we focus on the artificial sand for construction.

artificial sand for construction in india

In 2015, an Indian customer contacted our company and said he wanted to know about our artificial sand making machine. After communication, we learned that he wanted to use artificial sand for construction. Considering the capacity he needed, the input& output size, the power, the investment foundation etc. our engineer designed a complete artificial sand for construction production line for him.

In this artificial sand production line, there are feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, sand making machine, belt conveyor, and sand washing machine. Here crushers are used to crush the bulk limestone into proper sizes to enter the sand making machine. Sand washing machine is used to remove the dust in the produced sand out.

artificial sand for construction

The work process of this artificial sand plant:

  1. firstly, the stone will be fed into the jaw crusher for primary crushing. And then send the crushed stone to impact crusher for fine crushing.
  2. After this, transfer the particles discharged from impact crusher to the vibrating screen for grading. The particles with required sizes will be sent to the sand making machine while others will be sent back to the impact crusher. The stone in the sand making machine will be crushed into sand and be sent to the sand washing machine.
  3. And then send the crushed stone to impact crusher for fine crushing. And finally, we get clean sand for construction.

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