Bentonite Clay Sulphur Plant

Bentonite Clay Sulphur Plant

Bentonite clay sulphur plant widely used in bauxite, clay, rare earth, kaolin, activated clay, light calcium carbonate, bentonite, talc, mica, magnesite and milling process. The bentonite clay sulphur plant for in small mines, chemical industry, building materials, refractory materials, pharmaceutical, cement and other industries, closed loop high fine milling equipment, product size within the scope of 80-400 mesh arbitrary regulation.

Bentonite clay is a non metallic mineral based on montmorillonite as the main mineral component, because of its special properties. Such as swelling, adhesion, adsorption, catalysis, thixotropy, suspension and cation exchange. So it is widely used in every field of industry and agriculture. So called "universal soil"". Montmorillonite can be used to remove the toxin of edible oil, gasoline and kerosene, purification, wastewater treatment; used for drilling mud, flame retardant (suspended fire), filler in papermaking industry, has been widely used in paint industry, textile industry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other industrial and agricultural fields.

Bentonite clay sulphur plant equipment

Bentonite grinding fineness the thinner application field is wider and better effect, currently on the market in general milling machine in fineness reach several hundred or a thousand eyes after it has reached the limit of this machine, in a certain extent limits the demand for industrial ultrafine powder, we follow the development trend of domestic industrial milling equipment industry and actual processing needs of customers, R & D and production of special superfine powder processing of ultrafine grinding machine, greatly meet the needs of domestic super fine powder processing equipment.

Bentonite clay sulphur plant processing quality first-class! A superfine grinding machine is my company the authority of mill experts on the basis of market research and statistical analysis of a large number of domestic and foreign mill users use and suggestions for our ultrafine powder equipment, devote themselves to research and development of new superfine pulverizer, attention to non-metallic mineral ultra-fine powder processing, worth choosing the ideal bentonite clay sulphur plant equipment.

Bentonite clay sulphur plant working principle

When working, the host motor through the speed reducer drives the spindle and the turntable rotation and the edge of the turntable and pin drive dozens of grinding and grinding ring roll in rolling in. Bulk materials via hammer type crusher broken into small particles by hoist into the storage bin, again after vibration feeder and tilt of the feed pipe, the material evenly sent to bulk material which is arranged on the upper part of the rotary disc. The material under the action of centrifugal force scattered to the circumference, and fall into the grinding ring rolling within the Tao is ring and shock, rolling, grinding, after three layer loop processing into powder, high pressure blower through the pumping action will be external air suction machine, and the crushed material into selected powder machine in. Select powder machine in rotating impeller make coarse materials fall back for regrinding and meet the requirements of fine powder, with the air enters the cyclone powder collector and by the lower part of the relief valve discharge is finished, and a small quantity of fine dust airflow is after the pulse dust collector is used to purify by blower and muffler discharge.