Clay Sand Raymond Mill

Clay Sand Raymond Mill

Clay sand Raymond mill is our company specializing in the production of Raymond mill processing for clay sand. Clay sand is widely used in the production of clay sand light volume after processing is mainly used for building materials.

Clay sand mill equipment according to different fineness, can choose a variety of milling equipment. Clay sand Raymond mill is a kind of commonly used clay sand processing equipment, the grinding mill except for the processing of clay, and is mainly used in the mining, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, agriculture field of the grinding process, you can use the ore limestone, calcite, feldspar, marble, marble, talc, Mohs hardness is not greater than magnitude 7. Humidity is maintained in less than 6% of non metal ores, particle size of finished product 30-325 mesh can be arbitrary regulation.

Clay sand Raymond mill inherited the traditional Raymond mill technical advantages, the traditional Raymond mill reducer device was improved reduced kinetic energy propagation process in unnecessary loss. Grinding roller pressure device for clay sand Raymond mill has greatly enhanced the efficiency of production, high wear-resistant material to avoid the frequent replacement of accessories bring products to upgrade the; new blade is arranged so that the material directly to the grinding and grinding ring contact and improve the a powdered ratio. It absorbed the foreign advanced grinding technology, according to the principle of fluid mechanics, design of performance than similar products are better, Raymond mill. This kind of clay sand Raymond mill, solve me for fine powder processing problems, both at home and abroad milling machine market are well received.

Clay sand Raymond Mill performance features

  1. clay sand Raymond Mill by deceleration device, reduces the energy loss;
  2. grinding and pressing device, make contact with the grinding roller and grinding ring, to avoid grinding and grinding ring wear result in material is not up to the requirements of fineness occurrence;
  3. the connecting part of the main engine to increase the soft connection device, reduce the vibration in the operation of equipment;
  4. high pressure fan to improve the air flow, so as to improve the efficiency of the powder.

Clay sand Raymond Mill Technological process

Clay sand Raymond mill working principle is through the material conveying equipment into Raymond Mill on the part of the host, blade will shovel of the whereabouts of a material sent to the mill and grinding ring, grinding the material by grinding and grinding ring rolling and high pressure fan produced high pressure air, speak finished grinding blow to the powder selecting machine, qualified through the powder selecting machine into the powder collector, and unqualified products will continue to fall under the second milling.

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