Construction Waste Crusher Equipment Production

Construction Waste Crusher Equipment Production

In order to protect the ecological environment and conserve resources, the high value utilization of construction waste has become an important issue that the society needs to study and solve. Construction waste is a misplaced resource. Recycling waste and recycling construction waste has become an indispensable step in the economic cycle of urban construction.

With the rapid development of road and construction industry, natural aggregate resources will be increasingly exhausted, and brick-concrete construction waste can replace sand and gravel resources for road construction through reprocessing. At the same time, the use of construction waste to produce recycled concrete is a technology that is conducive to resource conservation and environmental protection. It can reduce the amount of natural aggregates and solve the pollution problems caused by construction waste.

The random accumulation of construction waste pollutes water resources, affects the quality of the air, and gradually penetrates into the soil, deeply polluting the earth. When using the garbage crusher to effectively dispose of construction waste, it can not only beautify the environment, eliminate pollution, but also save space in the garbage dump.

In order to solve the problem of construction waste, we have researched and tested the construction waste crusher, which can turn construction waste into waste, not only solve the problem of garbage disposal, but also generate new resources and re-invest in new construction, improve the utilization.

Construction Waste Crusher

The main component of construction waste is inorganic material, which is resistant to acid, alkali and water. It has stable chemical properties and stable physical properties: large particles, good water permeability and low plasticity. These properties of construction waste determine that it will be a good building material after treatment, and can be reused in engineering construction to make the best use of it and turn waste into treasure.

Concrete particles, bricks, stone fragments and sand particles after construction waste are used according to different particle sizes. We can crush construction waste to different specifications according to customer requirements. Concrete granules can be used for unrestricted roadbeds, agricultural and woodland roads, pedestrian and bicycle lanes, and concrete; bricks, stone fragments or sand granules can be used for sports sites, gardens and scenic stone, road bases, etc.

The use of construction waste crusher equipment to deal with construction waste, on the one hand, solves a lot of concrete waste treatment and the negative impact on the environment, while saving a lot of cleaning costs; on the other hand, it can also reduce the exploitation of natural sand. The construction waste recycling system that we provide for our customers integrates screening, crushing, iron removal and dust removal. It has the characteristics of harmlessness, reduction and resource treatment, and can meet the construction waste disposal capacity of 40-300 tons per hour.

Through the continuous technological innovation, we have completed the development of a new generation of construction waste crushing stations. On the basic crushing and sieving, we also equipped them with environmentally-friendly devices such as magnetic separation, air separation and dust removal to avoid secondary pollution in the production stage.

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