Mobile Fluorite Grinding Machine

Mobile Fluorite Grinding Machine

Mobile fluorite grinding machine is a used for processing of fluorite and other conventional material of superfine grinding mill, the increase of the material and the grinding roller grinding ring contact time and area, eliminating the previous mill grinding efficiency low problem. The mobile fluorite grinding machine applies equally to limestone, potassium feldspar, marble, talc, calcite, barite and other hardness is not more than 9, humidity below 6% of conventional materials, widely used in mining, chemical industry, metallurgy and other multiple industries.

The professional mobile fluorite grinding machine can work continuously, the impulse precipitator, grinding cavity without rolling bearing and screws, the use of high pressure centrifugal draught device, with a conventional milling machine working principle is completely different, the investment cost is low, and the payback period is short, long service life, generally in a year or more, in the grinding cavity, the finished product is high, the environmental pollution, the efficient pulsed dust collector, a complete set of equipment operation in the process of no dust pollution, lower noise, fully in accordance with national environmental standards to organize production.

mobile fluorite grinding machine Characteristics

  1. the whole fluorite grinding machine is a vertical structure, which covers an area of small size and strong system;
  2. compared with the same milling equipment, screening rate as high as 99%.
  3. the transmission device of the mobile fluorite grinding machine adopts the closed gear box and the belt wheel, the transmission is stable, and the operation is reliable.
  4. electric system adopts centralized control, type selection of advanced and reasonable automation degree is high.

mobile fluorite grinding machine working process

Fluorite after the hammer crushing later, by lifting machine to send the materials to hopper, again after vibrating feeder will feed continuously and uniformly into the Raymond mill host grinding chamber, due to the centrifugal force in rotation, grinding and swings outward, tightly pressed on the grinding ring, shovel knife to scrape up materials sent to the grinding roller and grinding ring, by grinding roll roll and achieve crushing purpose.