Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Comparison of Single-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher in China and Abroad

Recently received a lot of user consultation equipment selected domestic or selected foreign good, may we all know that foreign product prices are expensive, advanced technology, but the old users may not be able to say clearly in the end where the gap. Some time ago, we have already talked about the cone-breaking gap at home and abroad. Today, we focus on the problems and gaps in the domestic single cylinder hydraulic conusion.

Contrast advantage of single cylinder hydraulic cone crushing

When it comes to conical failures, spring-type and single cylinder hydraulic applications are more common, and multi-cylinder hydraulics are prohibitive for many users due to their high price. Compared with the spring cone crushing, the single cylinder has obvious advancement:

  1. Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher adopts hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic protection, omitting the complex adjustment ring, support ring and spring parts of the spring type machine, the equipment structure is simplified, and the weight is light.
  2. By changing the eccentric bushing method, the eccentricity can be changed to meet the requirements of different materials.
  3. Because the movable cone spindle adopts the simple support structure, the eccentric angle of the movable cone is small, which is generally equivalent to only 1/2 of the spring machine, so the crush cone is relatively steep and the crushing cavity is long, thereby improving the uniformity of the crushing ore.
  4. Ajust the discharge port only need to operate the hydraulic system control valve to complete the adjustment process, such as encountered iron stuck, just by operating the hydraulic valve, control the cone can be removed to reduce, reduce the operator's labor Strength and technical difficulty.
  5. The use of sealed cylinder structure dust, more reliable than the spring water seal, the latter addition to the supply and drainage issues, there are also mixed oil and water, causing poor lubrication failure.
Cone Crusher

For jaw crushers and impact crushers, which are widely used nowadays, although they are simple in structure and low in price, they have discontinuous crushing, low efficiency, low crushing ratio, uneven wear of jaw plates or liners, and wear. So shortcomings.

Analysis on the Gap of Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher at Home and Abroad

Many domestic mines have introduced foreign advanced hydraulic cone crushers, especially single cylinder hydraulic cone crushers. However, because of the technical level, material quality and other reasons, there is still a large gap between the quality, service performance, and service life of the equipment and foreign crushers. However, there are mainly the following aspects that restrict the development of domestic single cylinder hydraulic cone crushers:

1, material aspects

The single-cylindrical cone crusher depends on the action of one-way extrusion and bending grinding of the moving cone to achieve continuous crushing. The friction and wear of the component are serious. Therefore, the performance of the crusher depends to a large extent on the application of high-performance wear-resistant materials, such as high manganese steel or Special alloy's dynamic cone, fixed cone liner, babbitt alloy or cast copper alloy cone bushing, high impact toughness special steel frame, spherical bearing material and so on.

In China, there is a small gap between foreign countries in wear-resistant materials and heat treatment processes. Therefore, improving the performance of wear-resistant materials and prolonging the service life of wearing parts is an important direction for the domestic crusher and even the entire manufacturing industry.

2, structural design

The single cylinder cone-breaking structure seems simple, but it represents the overall level of design, manufacturing, and craftsmanship of the entire industry. The optimal design of the crushing cavity is the key to its structural design. Researching the wear of the lining can truly reflect the contact condition of the material in the crushing cavity with the liner, and then find its wear characteristics and rules, so as to design the optimal cavity shape.

Due to the gap in the overall domestic technology level, there has been a lack of effective modern design methods, calculation methods, implementation methods, and technological measures, such as the CAD of crushers, virtual prototypes, and optimization design of crushers, etc., domestically determining liner wear curves, optimization The crushing cavity structure, equipment movement and dynamics analysis, etc., generally remain in the qualitative analysis and introduction, mapping, product performance and reliability are still gaps, long development cycle.

3, hydraulic system

The main role of the hydraulic system is hydraulic adjustment of the discharge port and hydraulic protection and lubrication. The main problems in China focus on the stability of hydraulic systems and the quality of hydraulic components. Hydraulic components and seals do not meet quality requirements and are prone to oil leakage. Accumulators that have functioned as iron protectors do not have quality assurance.

4, the correct use of maintenance

Although the structure of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is simple and reliable, it must be strictly followed in the course of its use. Many users in the country are often improperly operated or maintained due to carelessness or lack of experience, which cannot guarantee their optimal performance. If it is true that the whole crushing chamber is packed with materials as required, instead of just filling the material in the feeding space on the moving and fixed cone lining board; whether the oil is added on time; whether it is timely to clean the beam and the roots in the crushing chamber, Wire, wire and other debris.

Once the maintenance work is not in place, it will inevitably accelerate the wear and tear of the wearing parts, resulting in poor oil paths. Accumulation to a certain extent will often result in major economic losses, and even lead to equipment scrap.

At present, the domestic single cylinder hydraulic cone crushing still has a lot of room for development. We need to introduce foreign advanced crushing technology and equipment, while constantly digesting and absorbing, localizing it, increasing R&D investment, and increasing wear-resistant parts. Performance and design and manufacturing process level, narrowing the gap and catching up with the world's advanced level crusher, this is also an important task for domestic mining machinery manufacturers.