Cone Crushe Frame

Cone Crushe Frame

Cone crusher's frame is made of steel cast which composed with upper frame and down frame, in order to transport and manufacture easily , we divided frame into 2-4 layers, and fasten them by bolts, for the lager crusher’s frame, it can be divided into two parts, and fasten it by bolts and pins .

Installation Notes

Put the frame vertical and horizontal, you can use on the base ring processing level and the network check the base of the centerline.

Mingled with wedge iron after just the base level, the ground screws tight, secondary grouting. After the secondary grouting layer hardening, remove the wedge iron from the cone crusher’s foundation and fill the gap with cement, and then check and install the frame.

Ensure the chassis of cone crusher horizontal and vertical, and guarantee the stable performance of crusher, otherwise easy to make copper set of single sided contact; eccentric shaft bushing and sealing device not work prosperity.

Method To Improve The Frame Stability

There are many problems during the welding process for frame; this will cause the equipment’s broken and crack when it is in the production process. So our levels of cone crusher shaft and upgraded the frame’s welding technology, which can be utilized to increase the stability of the equipment.

Due to the level of cone crusher shaft frame and frame chooses blind hole thread connection way. Making simple the connecting bolt looseness and rack blind whole thread, the connecting bolt also happens due to the exhaustion of repeated tense crack. It is very difficult to get the broken bolt out of the frame, sometimes, it can not to be got out, it had to take the article borehole to take the screw away from the frame.

Due to the level of the frame and coupled to the drive shaft bolt loose, it makes the small bevel gear on the horizontal axis and empty offset between the big bevel gear meshing become very unstable. This also makes the space between small bevel gear and spiral bevel gear tooth increases, and increased the level of the shaft frame of axial string. under the effect of cone crusher’s impact load, the oscillations of cone crusher is aggravating , often cause the tooth of the large and small bevel gear broken, even lead to the frame’s crake , this not only increase the intensity of human’s labor .but also brought great dangerous for production.

Increase the original installed bind hole into 8.this can solve some above problems.