Disadvantages of Jaw Crusher

Disadvantages of Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is one of the most widely used equipment in mining machinery. For the stone scraps produced in the mining area, we can adopt jaw crusher to process them into construction materials to improve the comprehensive use of resources. But there are some disadvantages of jaw crusher in the market,in order to improve the performance of the jaw crusher, we mainly introduce improved design of large scale jaw crusher used for stone scraps.

Electromechanical Integration

Large scale jaw crusher not only has large size, but also large weight, large rotary inertia and large impact vibration. So for the making up for the disadvantages of jaw crusher, we can consider from the following aspects:

Automatic lubricating device of bearings and auto temperature measure device: as we know, jaw crusher need to be lubricated regularly, and operators should pay special attention to the temperature of jaw crusher. If we adopt automatic lubricating device of bearings and auto temperature measure device, it will save a lot of time for operators.

Design About The Assembly Structure Of Bearings

As we know, there are 4 sets of bearings in jaw crusher. Among them, 2 sets of bearings are used to connect eccentric shaft and movable jaw and 2 sets are used to connect eccentric shaft and frame. But traditional jaw crusher adopts very complicated connecting method, it is very difficult to install and dismantle. So we can design an outer cone sleeve between the movable jaw bearings and movable jaw. It has simple structure and convenient to install and mantle.

Design About Bearing Seal Device

The seal device of bearings in jaw crusher (movable jaw bearings and frame bearings) generally adopt labyrinth sealing device, which needs to be changed about one to two years. But this sealing device works not so well in large scaled jaw crusher, so in order to solve this problem, we can adopt reinforced sealing device in large scaled jaw crusher. It will not increase the investment capital, but it can simple the structure and improve the efficiency.