Development History Of Cone Crusher

Development History Of Cone Crusher

According to statistics, every year, there are about 3 to 4 billion tons raw rocks to be crushed and ground, which is why many countries pay special attentions to crushing industry. As we know, cone crusher is one of the most commonly used crushing equipment in crushing field, but many people do not know the development history of cone crusher.

It was not until over one hundred years later of the appearance of roller crusher that people invented cone crusher. In 1927, cone crusher with gently inclined cone was formally applied in industry. This type of cone crusher could be divided into standard and short head cone crusher and spherical cone crusher. Soon, steep inclined compression cone crusher also appeared. At first, this type of crusher was called compression gyratory crusher, which was actually optimized on the basis of gyratory crusher. It was used for medium and fine crushing.

At the end of 1950s, various countries adopted hydraulic technology in cone crusher producing, which made the cone crusher get further improvement. At that time, on the basis of keep its intrinsic spring over-load protection device and gently inclined cone, gently inclined cone crusher also adopted hydraulic or pressure adjustment device, hydraulic over-load protection device. At the same time, on the basis of keep its intrinsic steep inclined cone, steep inclined cone crusher also adopted hydraulic technology. According to the different locations, it could be divided into hydraulic supporting in the lower part or upper part. Since the discharge opening adjustment and over load protection device both adopted hydraulic system, the structure of these cone crushers were pretty simple.

In the 1970s, cone crusher got breakthrough in two aspects. One was the appearance of large scaled cone crusher; the other was the appearance of steep and inclined cone crusher that used to produce extra fine particles. The latter featured new crushing cavity structure, short principle axis and could produce final products with 4mesh.

During the 1980s, the development of cone crusher was mainly for research and reinforce about cone crusher. With continuous study and optimization, various new type cone crushers appeared one after another. For example, the USA, Sweden, UK, the Soviet Union, France, Finland, Japan etc. all floated new style cone crusher with different features, which promoted the development of cone crusher.