Impact Crusher In China

Impact Crusher In China

In the crusher industry, when the development of the crusher in the world in a dramatic change, impact crusher in china is still in the bud, especially the development of the impact jaw crusher, the development of In china of impact crusher has about twenty years late than the world.

Since 1924, the Germans first developed two kinds of single and double rotor model, and their structures similar to the modern squirrel-cage impact crusher. After more than 20 years, namely is 50 years of 20th century, China began to produce impact crusher. Before the 80's of last century, our domestic crusher is limited to the processing of hard materials such as coal and limestone.

Until the late eighty's our country begin to introduce the KHD type hard rock crusher, In the 80's, Chinese vigorously development of the construction industry, since from the beginning of the core components of imports to a large exporting transition.

The hard rock crusher is a typical example. Until the late eighty's our country to introduce the KHD type hard rock crusher, to fill the impact crusher in china blank.

Domestic hard rock impact crusher, in the beginning, Its core parts board hammer rely on import, The localization of the plate hammer in the item of "eight-five" period as a ministerial level scientific research projects, After successful projects, domestic plate hammer not only replace imports, but also has been exported to Europe and the India, United States, Japan and other countries.

The development of national economy is necessarily to drive the rise of some of the infrastructure, the infrastructure construction of our country has entered a boom, so in this background, it is bound to promote the progress of the mining machinery market in China.

Hard rock impact crusher in china witnessed the rapid development of crusher industry in China. In the years since twenty-first Century, the rapid development of the world economy driven the rapid development of the construction industry, the crusher also was put forward high request, through continuous research and development, the performance of crusher is constantly upgrading, to meet the high requirements of sand industry, contribute to a significant force for social progress and development.