Impact Crusher Spare Parts

 Impact Crusher Spare Parts

As we know, jaw crusher is kind of quarry crushers; it is developed by our company most professional engineer and basing on customers' feedback. Impact crusher spare parts mainly consists of rear case, impact plate , impact rack, scale board, feed opening , chassis , blow bar , rotor and so for the rotor, because the long time working in bad condition, the wear of the rotor accelerated .and if there is no rotor, the impact crusher spare parts cannot work normally. So rotor is very important for impact crusher. Here we focus on the impact crusher's rotor.

Rotor is very expensive, and also very difficult to exchange it, so how to improve the rotor's service life, is our customers in the process of using the most concern.

Reasonable adjustment cooperation relations between each other.Impact crusher's rotor is mainly on the size of the load suffered by the rolling elements. the load on the rolling is not the same. In the rolling element bearing force under the action of the impact load is the largest. Because the inner side is rolling continuously when working, the contact point on the tracks will be largest stress to stress in the minimum cycles. This will not be produced one point on the largest force phenomenon.

Improve the balance of precision of the rotor.As the impact crusher's high weight, fast rotation speed, the cast of the rotor is not very good, after mounting plate hammer quality caused by the deviation will make the rotor rotates unbalanced centrifugal force. This centrifugal force the machine vibrate strongly, this would damage bearing and other parts. So the impact crusher's rotor carries out for balance testing.

Should choose the most suitable impact crusher spare parts rotor model for bearing. Double row centripetal spherical roller bearing with high load quality, good performance, so it is always choices for rotor bearing.

Improve the crusher bearing's force situation. The load force on the bearing depend on the impulse on the rotor and bearing support by the chassis, increase the bearing chassis support , will reduce the impact load on the bearing. to do this , we can add the appropriate rubber sheet thickness between the bearing and the support bracket to improve flexibility bearing. Due to adding into the rubber sheet, increased the supporting force, thereby absorbing a portion of the vibrating energy, all these achieve the extending of the service life.