Performance Analysis Of Belt Conveyor Device

Performance Analysis Of Belt Conveyor Device

With the continuous development of the belt conveyor controllable transmission technology, it occupies a certain position in the transmission device in the field with superior performance, small volume, and high power transmission characteristics.

The main purpose of belt type conveyer driving device is to prevent broken zone phenomenon, dynamic control of belt conveyor in the state of motion of the peak stress, and reduce the belt running safety coefficient of belt conveyor, so as to prolong the service life of conveyor, of course save money.

1. Liquid viscosity soft driving device

In the internal fluid viscosity soft driving device, select ten groups made of friction materials in the friction plate and the friction plate of coupling, the friction plate respectively through a key shaft and output shaft and gear and the input shaft is connected. Output torque control of hydro viscous soft transmission can be realized through the hydraulic oil pressure control on the piston oil film thickness can be controlled by shear.

2. Hydraulic type flexible driving device

The working principle of governor hydraulic coupler main first is to work the cavity coupler into a certain amount of working fluid can guarantee the normal work required, then the motor can give the work wheel pump wheel certain mechanical energy, at the same time the pump wheel of the mechanical energy can be converted to the hydraulic energy, so that the turbine can work, rotating the movable turbine can continue transforming from mechanical energy, and then driven from the motivation of work, so as to realize from the original motivation to transfer from motives of energy.

3. Electrical type flexible driving device

Electrical type soft drive device of frequency conversion timing device is mainly composed of a reactor, a controller and a power device IGBT insulated gate controlled transistor. The main working principle is to use controller to adjust the insulated gate controlled transistor power device, changing the AC power insulated gate controlled transistor into the frequency of the power devices, due to the speed and AC power motor frequency is proportional, so as long as the control of the AC power frequency change of time and change range, can make the conveyor speed curve smooth transmission according to preset, soft drive implementation of conveyor.

4. Mechanical soft driving device

Electric soft actuator is a kind of full digital intelligent driving device design of three-phase asynchronous motor, the combination of electric and electronic technology, single chip technology and automatic control technology. There are many types of electric soft actuator, but the work principle of each are not the same. Application of soft driving device is currently the most widely is mainly soft drive thermistor.