Jaw Crusher Development History

Jaw Crusher Development History

In order to improve the jaw crusher performance and improve the work efficiency, domestic and foreign related personal had developed various special-shaped jaw crushers.

At present, the domestic has many jaw crusher type, but widely used is compound pendulum jaw crusher.Difference of each manufacturer product level, some of manufacturers of products are close to advanced level, compared with these the manufacturers, most of the manufacturer still need to work hard to get up with others.

In recent years, the international crusher Market has changed, through the reorganization and adjustment of manufacturing industry of developed country on its own, pendulum type has been replaced by the simple pendulum jaw crusher is widely used in various industries.At the same time, in the development of crusher, abroad also focus on a large jaw crusher;In order to enhance their own competitiveness in the market, development of technology and the improvement of large crusher crusher performance has become the mainstream of contemporary development.

The development history of the domestic jaw crusher as follows:

The History Of Jaw Crusher In China
Domestic institutions Model Character
A design institute of Anhui Double cavity double-action and compound pendulum jaw crusher Improve work efficiency, and reduce the load of the crusher, machine weighter a lot than before.
A college of Liaoning and mine crushing manufacturers Jaw crusher with double jaw The characteristics of the jaw crusher is the original jaw crusher before remove the wall after opposed and schedule.For two synchronous operation of hubei, increase a pair of open gear in eccentric shaft end.Because of its complex structure, in recent years it has developed a single shaft hanging jaw crusher with double jaw.
A college of Shanghai Jaw crusher with double jaw The movable jaw crusher synchronous operation, the crusher forced to discharge. By increasing the speed to increase the crusher production, at the same timeļ¼Œ as the material and the movable jaw without relative motion, reduce immediately liner wear, prolong the service life.
Beijing Mining Research Institute The toggle plate placed to the jaw This crusher by increasing transmission angle to improve the jaw movement characteristics, improve the crusher performance.

In order to catch up with the advanced world level, to shorten the development and production of crusher and the gap between the developed countries,To abandon the foreign copy and the style of relying on the experience of design,and to develop themselves in the crusher design theory,to hold the idea of continuous innovation and continuous testing. Only in this way, our country can develop and improve the technology level of jaw crusher.