The Latest Development Of Grinding Mill

The Latest Development Of Grinding Mill

Compact transmission device is the latest development of ball mill drive system, this kind of system will reducer and mill pinion assembled into an organic whole, and it has two driving mill pinion, only by a single motor drive. The transmission device can be used for smaller than traditional single gear transmission power drive system of the larger, a set of single gear transmission power closely can reach 5 5 o ok w, if exceed this limit, can use double close transmission device.

This compact transmission device produced in Europe, it is based on using high-speed wire wound rotor motor, general motor speed to 1 2 0 0 r /min (6 0 H z) or 1 0 0 0 r /m i n (5 o H z).Due to the skid can lead to high wear and heat damage, so this drive is not using pneumatic clutch. And a synchronous motor used in compact transmission device, in the connection between the transmission input shaft and the motor uses a hydraulic coupling.

(1) The original design is that the hydraulic coupling is need to pump in mill during continuous operation, the improved design simply pump running in the initial oil filled. The cooling effect of the oil circulation is a mechanical suction action by coupling.

In the whole close gear series, include the three kinds of specifications. In each specification, as long as the change in the 1st level of deceleration gear size, can meet a variety of mill speed and application requirements of 50 Hz or 6 0 H z, the size of the gearing level 2 and level 3 is the same. Transmission device of high speed shaft connected with flexible coupling and motor drive,It has absorbed the characteristics of impact load and vibration. The second shaft axis for load sharing, it is a floating shaft.

(2) In the past, the grinding machine with double pinion drive the biggest problem is not easy to load split into two small gears on, however closely transmission device designed to overcome the problem. Two small gears can automatically adjust, in order to keep with the ring gear counterpoint; the floating shaft transmission device design, it can be associated with the pinion load lateral displacement.

(3) In the traditional small gear meshing with the gear ring, only don't appear in machinery manufacturing and calibration error, tooth flank contact wires can equals the tooth width. But in fact the manufacturing error and calibration error always exists, so contact area will be greatly reduced. In addition, due to the load and uneven temperature distribution under the influence, mill barrel distortion caused by the ring gear beating would result in coaxial sexual problems.

In compact transmission device, each small gear is made up of spherical bearing support and guide on the shaft, and passed by the shaft to the pinion torque transfer via the gear coupling. With this design, thus allow small gear swing, so small gear can adjust to better meshing state with the ring gear, to form the largest load transfer, optimal load distribution form: spherical bearing and gear coupling device with low viscosity lubricating grease. Surrounded by lubrication sealing can keep not contaminated.