Vertical Impact Crusher Design

Vertical Impact Crusher Design

The long term operation of impact crusher in severe working condition will accelerate the damage of bearings in rotor. The rotor bearings are not only expensive but also very difficult to change. So how to take effective measures to extend the service life of bearings in impact crusher is a problem manufacturers and investors pay special attention to. In this article, we mainly introduce several vertical impact crusher design.

Properly Choose Model And Calculate The Service Life

Because of its strong bearing capacity and great center adjusting function, many manufacturers adopt double - row radial spherical bearings in impact crusher rotor. According to experience, the ideal expected calculated life of bearings is between 500-1000 hours.

Improve The Force Condition Of Bearings

According to documents, impact load on bearings is decided by the impulse on rotors and the rigidity of elastic system in impact crusher. If the supporting flexibility of bearings increases, the impact load on bearings will decrease, this can extend the service life of bearings. In this case, we can put a piece of rubber board with certain thickness between the bearing seat and bearing frame. The rubber board can bear great impact load without deformation, which can improve the force condition of bearings.

Improve The Balance Quality Of Rotor

Rotor in impact crusher is a component with large weight and high speed. The casting deviation of rotor and the weight deviation after installing the blow bar will makes the rotor produce unbalanced centrifugal force when the rotor rotates. The centrifugal force will make the impact crusher vibrates, leading to the damage of bearings and other spare parts. In this case, we should carry out balance test for rotor in impact crusher. When the rotation speed of rotor is below 1000R/M, we generally only need static balance. And if the diameter of rotor is relatively small, we can change the weight of board on the both sides of rotor in order to balance the rotor.

Besides the above mentioned solutions, the regulary maintenance of bearings also is very important in vertical impact crusher design. Customers should maintain the bearings and other spare parts timely.