Vibrating Screen Development History

Vibrating Screen Development History

Because the industrial development is slow, foundation is weak, theoretical research and technical level is backward, the development of screening mechanism is in the past 50 years of this century in our country. It generally can be divided into three stages.

The development stage: from 1966 to 1980, China developed a batch of excellent performance of new screening equipment: 1500mm Ă— 3000mm heavy vibrating screen, 15 square meters, 30 square meters of resonance screen, series of uniaxial, biaxial vibration sieve for coal, YK vibrating screen series, thick and probability screen series, hot and cold ore vibrating screen. The success of vibrating screen copying laid a solid foundation for the development of screening mechanism in our country, and cultivated a batch of technical staff.

The progress stage: entering the stage of reform and opening up 80 years, the development of our screen also entered a new stage of development. Domestic screen technology develops very quickly. After 50 years of development, technological innovation has a certain trend, so it is bring some development concept for China, also bring some economic benefits. China has successfully developed screen mechanism, such as vibration probability screen series, rotating probability screen series, the box type vibration exciter thickness screen series, self-synchronization heavy thickness screen series, severe cold and hot ore sieve, relaxation sieve, spiral three section screen series, powder linear vibrating screen, strings vibrating screen, vertical cylindrical sieve, rotational flow vibrating screen and so on.

The imitation stage: during this period, China began to imitate the foreign advanced vibrating screen. We copied the TY series circular vibration sieve, BKT-11 and BKT-OMZ shaker vibration sieve from the former Soviet Union. We copied the WK-15 circular vibration sieve, CJM-21 type shaking screen and WP1, WP2 type hanging type linear vibration form Poland. These devices existed many faults, such as short service life, many faults, but the success of these vibrating screens’ research and manufacture was basically satisfied domestic demand. It marked that our vibrating screen took to the road of independent development.

These years of reform and opening up, with the continuous development of the economy, vibrating screen technology at home is also the rapid development. From 50 years ago, our county introduced the vibration sieve, to now, we can do self-innovation. The development of vibrating screen is the epitome of industrial development in china.