C6X Jaw Crusher

C6X Jaw Crusher

C6X Jaw Crusher

CX6 jaw crusher has all international first-class level indexes and now it has become the most ideal coarse crushing equipment on the market. High-quality raw materials and reliable design can provide sufficient equipment strength and remarkable durability for C6X series jaw crusher during super hard material crushing and thus reduce the maintenance costs.

C6X Jaw Crusher
C6X Jaw Crusher

High Quality Casing to Ensure Reliable Performance

In order to ensure stable and efficient production of the equipment during crushing hard materials. C6X jaw crusher is equipped with such core rotating components as high-quality casing movable jaw body, large eccentric heavy-duty forged eccentric shaft, cast flywheel with a high moment of inertia and high-strength integrated cast steel bearing box, as well as strong powder with reasonable speed configurations.

  • The movable jaw adopts the high-quality steel integral casing design, with the overall structure optimized during design to ensure the equipment reliability during high-frequency hard material crushing.
  • The equipment flywheel and pulleys adopt a star-reinforced high inertia moment design subject to overall casting featuring high strength, able to store more energy and thus provides stronger powder for crushing operation.
  • The frame bearing box adopts an integral casing design with the bearing box and frames fitting accurately and firmly by bolts to avoid adverse stress impact of the detachable bearing box on bearings and thus improve the bearing reliability.
  • The main shaft of the C6X series jaw crusher adopts a heavy-duty forged eccentric shaft supported by four large-sized high-quality bearings, able to have the equipment achieve super-strong bearing capacity.

Fast Installation, Quick Production

The C6X jaw crusher has a lower requirement for the equipment foundation by virtue of its unique detachable structure and anchor-free installation and each main component can detaches, so it can not ensure stable operation of the equipment in ground-fixed production lines, but also be applicable to mobile production lines and borehole operations, which has greatly expanded the operation scope of the equipment.

1.Integrated design, smaller installation space

The C6X jaw crusher adopts an integrated motor base design with the base fixed directly on the crusher subject to no base fabrication in advance, which has reduced the installation space and simultaneously achieve more stable power transmission.

2. Elastic damping anchors, able to decrease the equipment imoact

Elastic stop blocks and rubber shock absorbers are used to replace the rigid anchors, able to effectively absorb the vibration peak load, reduce the mutual impact between the crusher and the foundation, and thus improve the service life of the crusher.

International Top Configurations

  • Better Raw Materials For Better Quality Only

    Better raw materials, casting and forgings-C6X series jaw crusher selected better materials both at home and abroad for such key components as side plates, front and back walls, movable jaw body and shaft.

  • Join hands with top brand suppliers at home and abroad

    Choose well-known brand accessories at home and abroad, such as bearings and motors, according to users’ requirements, so the quality can be more sufficiently guaranteed to meet users’ demand for different configurations.

  • Rich optional configurations-For users’ wider options

    The equipment offers a variety of configurations for users, including various jaw plate forms and domestic or foreign top brand bearings and motors as well as belt pulleys, flywheel housing and jaw crusher feed hoppers according to users’ demands.