CS Cone Crusher

CS Cone Crusher

Spring cone crusher is the world's first cone crusher, it is currently the world's most widely used, the stock of a large crushing machinery. CS cone crusher, whose structure is more reasonable, more advanced technology parameters, in the manufacture, installation, use, maintenance and other aspects are outstanding.

CS cone crusher in the introduction and absorption of foreign technology, based on the customer's needs, based on the theory of laminated crushing principle and multi broken little grinding concept design and development of high frequency, optimized cavity and reasonable stroke in one of the modern high performance spring cone crusher, CS series cone crusher can be widely used in metal and nonmetal ore, cement plant, construction, sand and other industries. Applies to iron ore, nonferrous metal ore, granite, limestone, quartz rock, pebbles and other materials of broken.

cone crusher structure

Cone Crusher Spare Parts

CS cone crusher spare parts mainly by the rack, set the cone assembly, the general assembly, spring mechanism, bowl shaped shaft frame and transmission and other parts. The auxiliary part is composed of the electrical system, the thin oil lubrication system, and the hydraulic cavity system. Fixed cone assembly is mainly composed of adjusting sleeve, a rolling mortar wall, dynamic cone assembly is mainly comprises a main shaft, a movable cone, crushing wall composition, transmission part mainly by large belt wheel, transmission shaft, bevel gear, bevel gear and other components.

cone crusher working principle Performance

  1. compared with the PY series common cone crusher, CS series adopts dry oil seal, sealing effect is better, the replacement cycle of the lubricating oil and the service life of the machine;
  2. the use of hydraulic lifting device, cleaning cavity convenient, easy maintenance, greatly improving the work efficiency;
  3. Many kinds of cavity, which can produce all kinds of specifications, can produce various kinds of stone products, which makes the machine use more widely, and the products are uniform, and the size of the needle is small;
  4. Equipped with light oil lubrication system and the lubrication station, ensure the spherical bearings, sliding bearings, gears and the whole machine lubrication, create a stable and reliable internal working environment for the machine.

CS cone crusher working principle

Cone crusher working principle by the motor through V belt, the big belt wheel, transmission shaft, bevel gear, bevel gear drives the rotation of the eccentric sleeve, crushing cone axis in the eccentric sleeve of forced to move under the rotation of the swing.

the broken wall surface sometimes sometimes close to leave the cone surface, so as to make the material in crushing fixed cone and cone annular cavity continue to impact and extrusion and bending and crushing.

After many times of extrusion, impact and bending, the material is broken to the required size, the lower part of the discharge.

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