PEW Jaw Crusher

PEW Jaw Crusher

PEW jaw crusher adopting the world's most advanced crushing technology, which can be considered as the expert of crushing equipment. Nowadays, the unique PEW jaw crusher undoubtedly becomes the most welcome equipment as the quarry crushing machinery.

As a professional manufacturer of mining equipment, we never stop the exploration of producing more excellent crushing plants for mining industry. Our customers often choose it to deal with hard materials due to its high efficiency and reliable performance. We believe our PEW series jaw crusher will play a great role in your mining business. In addition, the price and cost of PEW series jaw crusher will never let you down.

application of jaw crusher

PEW jaw crusher is mainly application in the mining industry, metallurgical industry, construction and chemical industry. They are used to making cement, building materials, fireproof materials and ceramics in the secondary and tertiary crushing, dealing with various hard minerals and rocks. This series jaw crusher has an extra-high adaptive capacity for all kinds of mining materials whose anti-pressure is no more than 280Mpa.

jaw crusher

In addition, the feeding size of PEW jaw crushers is significantly by our experts. Meanwhile, its wide range of application includes crushing hard rock, basalt, and river pebbles, etc. According to our customers both at home and abroad, this series of products are in high accordance with the price and cost of jaw crusher.

jaw crusher capacity parameter

  1. Chosen bearings are larger with better carrying capacity.
  2. World-class manufacture crafts and high-tech materials are adopted in the production, which makes this series of jaw crusher are in line with the features of open-pit mining situations.
  3. Advanced movable jaw assembly makes it more long-lasting.Movable jaw assembly adopts a high-quality steel casting, and moves through the two large flywheels made of cast steel. In addition, heavy eccentric shaft also adopts the forging billet when processing materials. All those new changes make the PEW series jaw crushers with exceptional reliability.
  4. Integrated structure of steel casting is adopted in the bearing housing, which can guarantee a perfect cooperation with the crushing frame. Meanwhile, it greatly enhances the intensity of the axle bearing.

PEW jaw crusher working principle

Through the motion of triangle belt, the flywheel is driven by the motor. Then the flywheel drives the eccentric shaft to make the jaw plate do reciprocating motion. Materials will be crushed when the jaw plate move towards to the fixed jaw plate. End products will be discharged through the discharging opening when the jaw plate moves backward.

Jaw Crusher Capacity Parameter