PF Impact Crusher

PF Impact Crusher

PF impact crusher is suitable for processing 100-500mm materials and it compressive strength is up to 350Mpa, with high crushing ratio, final production in good sharp etc. PF impact crusher is in small size, simple structure, low energy cost, high capacity, products granularly, it not only the best choice for secondary crushing but also the promising crushing devices.

impact crusher spare parts

PF impact crusher mainly consists of rear case ,impact plate, impact rack, scale board ,deed opening, chassis ,blow bar, rotor ,etc..

PF impact crusher Maintenance

  1. Pf impact crusher runs smoothly, when the vibration increasing, stop the machine immediately and then eliminate the phenomenon.
  2. Under normal circumstance, the rise of temperature of the bearing should not be more than 35 degree. The highest temperature should not exceed 70 degree, such as more then 70 degree, should immediately stop the machine ,check and eliminate the phenomenon.
  3. When the blow bar wear reaches the limit signs ,it can be diverted to use or change a new one in time .
  4. After change the blow bar ,you must keep the balance of the rotor .
  5. When the frame liner wear should replace it in time .so as not to wear cabinet.
  6. Before starting the machine ,check whether is the fasten stale.

impact Crusher Bearing Temperature Too High Elimination Method

  1. Check the whether the lubrication oil is deficiency.
  2. The grease should be filled with the bearing for 50%.
  3. Clean the bearing and replace the lubrication grease n time.
  4. Replace the bearing if it wear out .

The Machine Working, The Processing Method For Sharp Knocking From Crushing Cavity

  1. Stop the machine and turn off the power, clean the crushing cavity, check whether there some materials cannot be crushed into the cavity.
  2. If there is a strong vibration, check the gap between impact plate and blow bar whether there is non-wear scale board falls off.
  3. Replace the breaking parts.

Technical Data