Micro Powder Grinding Mill

Micro grinding mill is widely used in barite, calcite, feldspar, talc, dolomite, fluorite, bentonite, kaolin, cement, phosphate rock, gypsum with hardness less than 7 fine powder processing, high humidity below 6% in the inflammable and explosive mineral, chemical, construction and other industries more than 300 kinds of materials.

Micro Powder Grinding Mill

Our company micro powder grinding mill mainly include: SCM ultra fine grinding mill, T130X reinforced ultrafine mill, LUM vertical ultrafine grinding mill, high pressure micro grinding mill and other milling machinery.

Among them,the SCM ultra fine grinding mill is designed for 325 -2500 mesh material for the design of the new micro grinding mill, power and motor in the finished product size under the same capacity can be increased by about 40%, and the production process has no environmental pollution, is the green industry development of China's mining industry a good helper.

Micro Powder Grinding Mill Characteristics

  1. micro powder grinding mill is our experts in their own professional production experience, based on the combination of domestic and foreign advanced production technology developed by the new micro mill. This series milling machine with fine technology and stable in operation, and the main transmission device adopts sealed gear box and belt wheel.
  2. this machine wear parts are made of high quality materials, wearing parts wear roller, grinding ring wear rate is low, the replacement cycle is long, the use of equipment to extend.
  3. the degree of automation of the equipment, the micro grinding mill can basically achieve unmanned operation, and the device is low power consumption, high production efficiency, the production and use of the device can save a lot of manpower and capital investment.
  4. micro grinding mill for vertical structure, small footprint, installation, easy to move. Moreover, the micro powder mill is an air circulation flow operation, which is not easy to produce dust and is safe and pollution-free.

micro grinding mill working process

Bulk materials by hammer crusher to the desired size, by the elevator into the silo, the feeding equipment uniform and continuous feeding inside the host, into the host material guide pipe with inclination to bulk material on the upper part of the rotary disc machine.

When the main engine works, dozens of grinding rollers rotate and roll in the ring road. The material under the action of the centrifugal force is scattered round the material tray and fall into the grinding chamber, in the ring road was grinding roller, rolling, grinding.

Micro Powder Grinding Mill

After crushing the milled material layer, the fan airflow into the separator for powder classification, in the separator impeller under the action does not meet the requirements of the fineness of the material falling back to the grinding cavity re grinding, meet with airflow into the cyclone powder collector within the Department of separation of powder collection requirements of the fineness of the material and, from the bottom of the discharging device is finished powder.

The rest of the powder from the powder into the upper cyclone pulse dust collector, and adhered to the surface of the filter bag, pulse valve to control the high-pressure air makes it instantly blowing to the filter bag filter bag caused by the rapid expansion of volatility, the powder through the filter bag suddenly jitter bomb fell on adhesion, falling in the lower part of the dust remover of the powder. The screw conveyor will collect two powder collection discharge is finished. The filtered air is discharged into the air by the muffler. This system belongs to the open circuit system.