MTM Trapezium Mill

MTM Trapezium Mill

MTM trapezium mill is our company to adapt to the ever-changing customer demand and the increasingly fierce market competition, which is a unique calcite powder grinding mill and related engineering elite organization the best technical experts through unremitting efforts, after repeatedly elaborate design, experiment and debugging developed with completely independent intellectual property rights and to achieve world-class level of the new MTM medium speed trapezium mill.

MTM trapezium mill often used as calcite powder grinding mill, which can be for particle diameter less than 35mm material processing, 3-22t/h and efficient production and orders and 30 - 450 mesh can be free to adjust the fineness and won the same industry and customer praise.

MTM trapezium mill technical advantages

Compared with a ball mill, MTM trapezium mill on the design concept of bold innovation, with reasonable structure, low power consumption, long service life, wearing parts, low cost, higher price advantage in calcite powder grinding mill similar to the fore, specific advantages embodied in the following six aspects.

  1. MTM trapezium mill can improve the precision and equipped with powder products of high density separator impeller. Practice shows that, in the case of the same speed, increase the density of the leaves can improve the fineness of the finished product. In the case of no need to change the fineness of the finished product, the high density of the impeller can be lower than the low density of the impeller, reducing the air flow resistance, the same power output of finished goods increased by more than 50%.
  2. with the energy to improve the efficiency of the trapezoidal grinding roller and grinding ring, will be grinding roller and grinding ring design into a ladder shaped, reducing the grinding roller and grinding ring into the material between the sliding speed. Such structure design of the material of the rolling time, improve the crushing effect.
  3. MTM trapezium mill using the lever principle, the symmetry of the grinding roller assembly with horizontal spring through a pull rod are connected together, using to balance charging pressure spring and damping smooth elastic coupling. If the mass of the material is put into a grinding roll, the radial force can be balanced by the spring rod.
  4. with high efficiency and energy saving centrifugal. Traditional milling machine equipped with the prismatic blade fan efficiency is only 62%, and the impeller and blade are stamping energy-saving cited fan efficiency is more than 85%.
  5. the unique design of intilted air duct, entered into the wind to ensure the nest shell material can be smoothly along the slope into the mill.
  6. the clearance size of the powder machine blade tip and the shell can directly affect the finished product fineness, MTM trapezium mill with convenient impeller adjusting device gap size is convenient.

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