MTW Trapezium Mill

MTW Trapezium Mill

Our company developed the MTW trapezium mill the flexible coupling, the grinding roller linkage booster five patents, and with high efficiency and energy saving centrifugal induced draft fan and other advanced technology, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology, professional ladder mill, and successfully passed the certification. The equipment is a good barite mineral grinding machine, which can greatly reduce energy consumption, improve production efficiency, so as to enhance the profit margins of investors.

Building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, abrasives, refractories, ceramics, steel, thermal power, coal and other industries need the material milling production,such as barite mineral grinding machine are inseparable from MTW trapezium mill, on Mohs hardness below 9 - grade and humidity below 6% of all non flammable and explosive mineral material trapezium mill can be absorb fineness orders and 30 ~ 400 arbitrary regulation. MTW trapezium mill use to stable supercharging pressure spring to improve the milling grinding pressure, grinding efficiency of cement raw material and clinker), quartz, feldspar, calcite, gypsum, limestone, dolomite, graphite, coal, coal gangue, slag, talcum, granite, potash feldspar, marble, barite, ceramics, glass and other related industries can increased by 40%.

MTW trapezium mill work characteristics

Bulk materials by jaw type crusher, counterattack type crusher (or hydraulic cone crusher), crushing to the desired size after, by the elevator to send the materials to hopper, after vibrating feeder materials are uniformly continuous quantitative the into MTW trapezium mill host indoor mill for grinding, grinding powder with the wind machine air rises, the powder selecting machine grading, in line with the fineness of powder with the gas flowing through the pipes into the cyclone collector, were isolated and collected. The powder valve discharge is finished powder.

  1. the use of bevel gear overall transmission, the structure is more compact, more convenient installation and adjustment, the efficiency is greatly improved;
  2. the use of internal oil pump, easy to achieve the main shaft bearing and gear shaft bearing lubrication, without the need to pump or lubrication station;
  3. the use of a new type of surface type air duct, tangential air inlet flow, resistance is small; the internal direction of the material is conducive to the spread of material, not easy to plug;
  4. the separation between the inner cylinder and the mixed gas flow can be used to improve the efficiency and the accuracy of the powder.

Technical Data