SCM Ultrafine Mill

SCM Ultrafine Mill

With the continuous improvement in the fields of metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and other standards of superfine powder processing, we of the milling equipment R & D experts after full investigation, research, testing a variety of structural design, in play on the basis of existing equipment advantage, the new application mechanism of mining.

SCM ultrafine mill is a micron powder grinding machine and superfine powder processing equipment, which is mainly used in medium and low hardness, Mohs hardness of less than 6 non flammable and explosive of brittle materials. Such as coal, mica, talc, graphite, quartz, fluorite, dolomite, kaolin and other 200 kinds of materials. The hardness of materials directly affect the service life of wear parts, when the Mohs hardness is higher than 6, will reduce the wear life.

five major design ideas of SCM ultrafine mill

  1. Output Height: In the case of finished product fineness and electric motor power, the output is higher than that of the air current mill and the mixing mill. 40%.
  2. Fineness Height: The disposable product fineness can reach D97 less than or equal to 5 mu m.
  3. High Security: Because no rolling bearing, no screws in the grinding chamber, there is no problem of the bearing and the sealing of the bearing.
  4. The Use of a High Degree of Vulnerability: Under the same materials and finished product fineness, than ordinary milling machine wear parts service life long, generally up to one year above.
  5. Environmental Protection: The use of pulse dust collector and muffler to reduce dust pollution and noise, to meet the national environmental standards, the environment has played a role in environmental protection.

ultrafine mill operation process

  1. Start Up Check: Before starting the machine, should check the machine whether iron sundries, strict size was observed for the door, adjust fan and the host are to, the exhaust valve should be in the fully open position. Check the bolt nut is loose, in particular, the host of the bolts and nuts should be strictly checked.
  2. The Correct Boot Sequence: To start the analysis of machine and then start the fan and then start the host, after the start of the host should immediately charging should be first fine particles, now with the normal particle size), and then open the air valve, gradually close the exhaust valve, in the feeding mouth outwards dusting the premise to ensure should try to close small vent valve. Then adjust the fineness of finished products.
  3. Control of Feedingļ¼š Feeding should be uniform, according to the host under different feeding amount load injection (observation host ammeter) test, the yield was the highest, is strictly prohibited bolt iron into the machine.
  4. Adjusting Fineness: According to the material, soft and hard, water content, specific gravity, the fineness of different processing, can be the wind pipe of the wind, the analysis of the speed of the machine is flexible adjustment, production line to adapt to a high degree

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