Mobile Crushing Station

Mobile Crusher

Mobile Crushing Station

As a collection of material, crushing, conveying, screening in one of the mobile crusher, our mobile crushing station for sale in the rock crushing, aggregate production, open pit mining and other work areas with other devices can not match the advantages. Mobile crushing station can be flexible and easy to reach the broken line to meet the needs of consumers.

Mobile Crusher
Mobile Crusher

Mobile Crushing Station Brief Introduction

mobile crushing station is one of most popular crusher machine

Mobile crushing station which has provided a new business opportunity for mining contractors, quarry operators, and investors. It can eliminate the obstacles of the crushing places and circumstances in open-pit mining quarries. Besides, mobile jaw crusher has a wide recycling and mining application. It offers high efficient and low cost project plan without environment limit for the client.

Typically, mobile crusher station always integrates the crushing, sorting and conveying in a machine. So it can meet the special requirements of clients. The mobile crushers overcomes the restraining factors of crushing site and complex basic configurations. Nowadays, mobile crusher is one of most popular mobile crushing plant used in mining by quarry contractors and mining companies due to its flexibility and automaticity. So many mining applications have proved that mobile crusher can make a difference to global mining industry.

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Nowadays, we have become a professional manufacture of crushing and screening machine in the global mining industry. To meet our customers' specific needs, our new type mobile crushing station can be equipped with jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, VSI sand making machine, and vibrating screen. The capacity is from 100 tons per hour to 600 tons per hour. All our mobile crusher feature high performance, reliability, convenient transportation, quick installation, easy operation and simple maintenance.

There are already varied types of mobile crushers for sale for different mining scales. Besides, the transportation and operation length, width and height can be adjusted by choosing suitable model. The maximum speed can reach up to 1.39 km/h and the engine speed will be at 2100kw.There are both low-capacity stone crushing plant and large scale crushing and screening plant, ranging from 40 tph to more than 1000 tph. Engineers will design and install the whole production line according to particular requirements of customers.

How to Maintain Mobile Crushing Station?

If compare the mobile crushing station as people, the upkeep work is extremely crucial for improving efficiency, minimizing machine failure and prolonging the service life. Whether the machine is great or not, it truly is decided by maintenance? May be the very same way. Here, the experts will show quite a few procedures for maintaining the mobile crusher plant to minimize the machine failures and prolong its operating lifetime.

mobile crushing station

Specialist advises one: lubrication is extremely important and it will be rust protection

As all of us know, it really is bad to become rusty for the machine. In the operating course of action of mobile crusher plant, it really is crucial to possess the lubrication works. Mobile crusher plant's main operating machine in generally adopts the jaw crusher, effect crusher and cone crusher and so on. It suggests that it should adopt the forced lubrication technique to prevent the rust issues of rotary bearing, roller bearing and all gears.

Expert advises two: check no matter whether the machine performs generally

When the machine is in malfunction, it can be simple to harm the mobile crusher's wear components and affecting its typical operation. Inside the operating method of mobile crusher plant, it must verify no matter whether it can be in typical functioning state normally. Irrespective of whether the tyre is loose and no matter if there's effect voice in transmitting gear functioning course of action.

Professional advises three: modify the wear components in time

It must pay attention to change the wear components from the mobile crusher plant to prevent bigger damages for the plant. At other occasions, it must verify the put on parts?ˉ wear level.

Expert advises four: noise troubles on the gear

In the event the mobile crushing plant produces oversize noise or vibration inside the moving approach, it needs to stop at this time and check the machine. Immediately after debugging the failures, it might get started up in line with the starting sequence.

Unique Advantages of Mobile Crushing Station

Mobile crushers are mainly used in metallurgy, chemical, building materials, water and electricity, and other materials processing, especially for the highway, railway, water and electricity projects, such as the flow of stone, to create more new business opportunities and reduce production costs.

  • Mobile crushing plant dynamic flexibility, broken mobile crushing station on the ground high, the body width is less than the operation of the semi trailer turning radius of the road is more convenient for the poor in the broken field area rugged road environment. In order to save the time of the site is more conducive to the construction of a reasonable area, to provide a more flexible space and reasonable layout of the whole crushing process.
  • Reduce the material transportation costs, can be the first line of the material to the site of the broken, the material is removed from the site of the middle link, greatly reducing the transportation cost of the material. Another extension unit more directly to the broken material to transport carriage turn away from the scene.
  • One machine equipment installation form, eliminating the complex site components of the installation of facilities, reduce the cost of material, time consumption.
  • The operation of direct and effective integration of the mobile crusher, can be used independently can also be for customers on the process of material types, product requirements to provide more flexible process configuration to meet the user's mobile crusher station , mobile screening plant and other requirements, so that the formation of organization, logistics transportation more direct and effective cost to achieve maximum reduction.
  • Adaptable and flexible configuration mobile crushing station for coarse crushing, fine crushing and screening system can single set of independent jobs can also be flexible composition of joint operation of system configuration unit. Unloading hopper side for the screening material delivery method provides a variety of flexibility, integrated unit configuration of the diesel generator in addition to the power supply can also be targeted to the process system configuration unit combined power supply.